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Fiona Groves, the Natural Route works with organisations committed to positive social change, advising and supporting those in the natural environment, woodland, green space and not for profit sectors. Specific areas of expertise include:

Subject specialisms including Visitor Safety, Education and Learning and Woodland Visitor Provision.

  Networking of expertise, shared experience, good practice and ideas through the development of targeted resources, workshop or training events.

  Formative evaluation and development planning for new opportunities on sites and for projects delivering a wide range of social benefits.

  Working together with and co-ordinating those bringing special aspects to projects, for example, designers and press agents.

Experience as a Project Manager, trainer and facilitator offering expertise, support and advice to organisations and their staff through a range of strategic / practical review, evaluation and developmental methods.

A healthy and pragmatic approach to working with people and partners and in projects are key factors in this successful business.

Please have a look at our Project Portfolio and Working with you pages for more about what we do.


Natural environment and green space access, learning, community and visitor provision

Bringing people and places together

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